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An HVAC Technician servicing air conditioning units

Industrial HVAC

HJ Recruitment are specialists in Industrial HVAC recruitment. We know how difficult finding the right person can  be, and we understand how important a culture fit is for your company. That's why HJ Recruitment is committed to connecting only the best candidates with our partnered clients within the HVAC community.

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An HVAC Technician servicing an air-conditioning unit

Commercial HVAC

HJ Recruitment specialises in commercial HVAC recruitment, addressing the high demand for skilled Air Conditioning Technicians in Australia. Our deep industry knowledge and strong interpersonal skills allow us to effectively match companies with qualified technicians. With our extensive database, we ensure precise placements, filling even the most challenging roles efficiently.

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Residential HVAC

HJ Recruitment leads in commercial HVAC recruitment across Australia, expertly matching top Air Conditioning Technicians with leading companies. Leveraging extensive industry knowledge and a vast technician database, we fill demanding roles quickly and accurately.

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A tradesperson on the phone for a job interview

HVAC Accounts Management

At HJ Recruitment, we specialise in HVAC recruitment for both technical and white-collar roles. We provide career development opportunities for technicians looking to transition from hands-on work to managerial positions.
If you're seeking growth in your career, our team can help you find the right path, whether in large-scale industrial projects or smaller residential settings. With expertise in both sales and HVAC, let us connect you to your next great opportunity.

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HVAC Project Management

Looking for a skilled HVAC Project Manager or aiming to elevate your career in project management?

At HJ Recruitment, we specialise in HVAC recruitment, ensuring each placement enhances your team's efficiency and operations. Trust us to connect you with professionals who are proven leaders and innovators in their field. Choose HJ Recruitment for reliable, expertly matched HVAC talent solutions.

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Fly-In/Fly-Out (FIFO) HVAC Recruitment

HJ Recruitment are HVAC Specialists with a huge pool of the best HVAC candidates. If you choose to work with us, you will have access to the best Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning workers in Australia.

If you're an electrician or HVAC technician considering getting into FIFO, then look no further. HJ Recruitment has FIFO HVAC jobs available for you with great perks and unique permanent rosters to suit your preferences.

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HVAC Service Installation

HJ Recruitment specialises in HVAC service installation recruitment, meeting Australia's growing needs for expert HVAC Installers. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and robust communication skills, we connect businesses with the best HVAC installation professionals. Our comprehensive database and insight into industry demands enable us to fill critical roles swiftly and accurately, ensuring our clients get the most reliable and skilled personnel for their projects.

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HVAC Maintenance

HJ Recruitment is a leader in HVAC maintenance recruitment, catering to the critical need for skilled maintenance technicians across Australia.

Our in-depth understanding of the HVAC industry, combined with our strong relational skills, allows us to connect businesses with highly qualified HVAC maintenance technicians. Through our extensive network and meticulous vetting process, we ensure the placement of adept technicians who excel in sustaining HVAC system efficiency and longevity.

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HVAC Electrician

At HJ Recruitment, we specialise in recruiting top-tier HVAC Electricians, crucial for the seamless operation of modern HVAC systems.

Our recruitment expertise enables us to match the best HVAC electricians with leading companies. Our  database and precise matching criteria allow for a quick and seamless recruitment process for roles that require high-level electrical skills within the HVAC industry, ensuring optimal system performance and safety.

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