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Commercial Electrician

We excel  in recruiting skilled commercial electricians for businesses throughout Australia.

HJ Recruitment understands the complexities of commercial electrical systems and prioritises finding electricians who enhance safety and efficiency. Our rigorous selection process ensures we match your company with electricians who can meet the high standards of commercial environments

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HJ Recruitment is your go-to source for industrial electrician recruitment across Australia.

Our team specialises in connecting top industrial electricians with leading companies. These professionals are adept at handling the complex electrical needs of heavy industries, ensuring safety, efficiency, and innovation in every project.

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Residential Electrician

HJ Recruitment connects top residential electricians with homeowners and residential service providers nationwide.

We focus on electricians who not only ensure electrical safety and efficiency but also excel in customer service. Our candidates are prepared to handle all residential electrical tasks, from simple installations to complex troubleshooting.

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Maintenance Electrician

HJ Recruitment specialises in providing maintenance electricians for businesses needing reliable and efficient electrical support.

Our maintenance electricians are experts in routine checks and emergency repairs, ensuring your operations run smoothly without unexpected downtime. Trust us to connect you with professionals who maintain high safety standards and prolong the life of your electrical systems.

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Solar Electrician

As the demand for renewable energy solutions grows, HJ Recruitment is at the forefront of solar electrician recruitment.

We source skilled solar electricians who are experienced in installing, maintaining, and repairing solar power systems. Our candidates are equipped to contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability goals, making them invaluable assets to any green energy project.

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Electrical Supervisor

Find top-tier electrical supervisors through HJ Recruitment, where we match supervisory talent with leading projects across Australia.

Our electrical supervisors bring a blend of technical expertise and team leadership, ensuring projects meet all regulatory standards and are completed efficiently. They are pivotal in overseeing complex installations and maintenance operations, enhancing team performance and project success.

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Electrical Foreman

HJ Recruitment excels in placing electrical foremen who lead with authority and expertise.

Our candidates oversee electrical projects, ensuring all installations conform to the highest quality standards while adhering to timelines and budgets. By coordinating skilled electricians and managing on-site operations, our foremen play a critical role in the success of construction and maintenance projects.

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Electrical Engineer

Connect with top electrical engineers through HJ Recruitment, where innovation meets precision.

We connect you with engineers that are adept at designing, developing, and testing electrical equipment and systems, ensuring they are efficient, sustainable, and compliant with all regulations. Ideal for roles in development, research, and system management, our engineers are ready to propel your projects forward with cutting-edge solutions.

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Automotive Electrician

HJ Recruitment finds you the best  automotive electricians that are skilled in diagnosis, repair, and installation of electrical components in vehicles.
Whether it's modern cars with complex electronics or heavy machinery requiring robust wiring solutions, our professionals ensure your fleet remains operational with minimal downtime, optimising performance and safety.

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Installation Electrician

HJ Recruitment connects your projects with skilled installation electricians, experts in setting up electrical systems in new buildings or retrofitting existing structures.

We connect you with installation electricians that ensure all installations meet local codes and are optimised for energy efficiency and safety. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial settings, our candidates bring light and power to your development projects.

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Master Electrician

Secure top-tier leadership for your electrical projects with HJ Recruitment’s master electricians.
With comprehensive expertise in electrical design, installation, and troubleshooting, we find you master electricians that not only ensure compliance with all safety standards, but also oversee workmanship to guarantee superior electrical solutions. Ideal for managing large teams and complex projects, they represent the pinnacle of professionalism and knowledge in the electrical industry.

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Apprentice Electrician

Kickstart a career in the electrical trade with HJ Recruitment’s apprentice electrician positions. Our apprenticeships provide hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced electricians, combining practical work with educational training.
It’s an excellent opportunity for new entrants to learn the trade from the ground up, gaining skills that are crucial for professional growth in the electrical sector.

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Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) Electrician

Looking for your next adventure or need skilled electricians who adapt quickly to different locations? HJ Recruitment offers FIFO electrician opportunities ideal for both aspiring candidates and clients needing flexible, reliable manpower for remote projects. Our FIFO electricians excel in diverse working environments, bringing expertise to sites across Australia, from mining operations to large infrastructure projects.

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